We meet on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am to worship together. Join us for the Gathering in Gautier located at 1443 Hwy 90. 





The Gathering is the focal event of each week at The Square. This is a time set aside for fellowship with other believers, energizing worship, and an in-depth study of God’s word and its application in our lives.



Grow groups are where we apply the Word of God to our lives. Jesus' design for the church requires personal growth, which is found through loving and caring relationships fostered by other believers.



Guiding is our way of describing discipleship in the church. As you take one step towards a life on mission, it's your responsibility to start bring others along that path with you through intentional relationships.


Speak His truth. Tell your story.  Change the World.


Everyone has a story to tell.

Whether you grew up in church or spent years running from God, your story is a way to share what Christ is doing in your life. Your story has the power to open people's eyes to the power of Christ and the realness of God. Stories give comfort and help people realize they are not alone. 

What has God done in your life? Lets capture your story and share it to minister to others and give glory to the work God is doing in your life. 


The gathering is the first step in our journey towards lifestyle disciple-making.


There are three aspects to the gathering.

  1. Fellowship among believers. We need and crave to be loved. God loves us and chiefly shares that love through the body of the church.
  2. Study of God’s Word. The center of the worship service is the Bible. We take a significant portion of our time to open our hearts to what God is speaking through His living Word.
  3. Worship of Jesus.  Jesus is worthy of our worship. Praying in His name not only brings Him glory, but awakens our hearts.  It cleanses us from dead works so that we are set free to serve Christ in His grace and by the power of His spirit.  

These three aspects are working towards a singular goal—equipping people for the work of disciple-making.  Though each service together, our hope  is that you are more equipped to do ministry in your own life after being part of the gathering than you were before you came.  



Grow groups meet throughout the week at different times and in different locations across the southern Jackson County area.


If there isn’t a grow group near your home, there will probably be one in the future.  

Grow groups have three main purposes.

  1. To provide deeper fellowship among a smaller group of believers.  This is the place to stir up one another to love and good deeds.  
  2. To provide the opportunity for deeper study in the word.  Most of our grow groups study the same passage as the Gathering sermon.  
  3. To provide a starting point for disciple-making.  Many Guide relationships are established through our Grow groups.  



Jesus called us to disciple-making.  


There are two questions that we need to ask ourselves:
Who is investing in me?
Who am I investing in?
These questions summarize the disciple-making process.  All of us should be able to put some names to both of those questions if we are fully engaged in disciple-making.